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PLAN Ahead

Communicate Ideas with the project team, Structure Planning into Actionable Initiatives rather than Imaginative Thoughts.


Business encompasses various sectors and compensates multiple factors in determining its success criteria, hence every phrase is inevitable.

Business FACTORS

Proper Planning, Equal Distribution of money, time and human resources, Pre-established Requirements, Clear-defined Goal.

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Ceptur Inc.

Tactical Business Training

Tactics should be put into focus rather than abstract thinking, there exists some common strategies, which include the usage of information hiding whilst presenting the overall picture.

Training is required to enhance one's business strategy making and negotiation skills, this may include prep talks, exhibition walkaways as well as on-site practices.

Self-inclusiveness and intuitiveness are the two key factors to strive in this field, also you may not rush or have the urge to promote your product for the sake of promoting, it will have adversing effect.

Model Formulation

We have taken various model making factors into consideration, which includes internal factors like resource distribution, technological quality assurance and procedure simplification in the long run.

There also exists some external factors such as competitor analysis, market alteration, policy changes and also invention of new frameworks.

Data Collection 100%
Model Analysis 90%
Model Construction 85%
Model Training 75%

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Model Construction

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Meet the crew


Jame Borche

I am CEO & Founder

Training and continuos testing are the essence in maintaining quality code and preserving accurate computation that facilitates decision making.


Justin Ive

I am Director

Coordinating task requires efficiency, especially when it comes to finalizing the outcome of a model construction.


Johnny Claire

I am Data Collector

Collecting raw data requires tactical and strategic reasoning, especially when it comes to making a survey that can tackle pin-points surrounding the main topic.


Brandon Mich

I am Model Maker

Model Making involves a lot of pre-requisite analysis, which includes but not limited to complex algorithms, quadratic formulations and quantum programming.

Our Showcase

Our Pricing

Data Collection - Data Analytics

  • $35 per month
  • 10,000 Rows of Data
  • PowerBI
  • 2 Tutorial Videos

Data Collection - Model Training

  • $75 per month
  • 15,000 Rows of Data
  • PowerBI && GitLab
  • 5 Tutorial Videos

Data Collection - Model Testing

  • $115 per month
  • 30,000 Row of Data
  • PowerBI, GitLab && Google Colab
  • 10 Tutorial Videos

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